2500LBS Hand Winch 2-Speed Synthetic Strap Manual Car Boat Trailer 4WD 2500LB

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  • Solid construction
  • Heavy duty steel body
  • 3 gears 2-speed models
  • Universal mounting holes
  • 8m synthetic strap
  • Easy to remove handle
  • 2-way locking system
  • Mooring hook equipped with a safety pawl
  • Gear Winch User Manual:
  • 1. Ratchet switch ---- There are 3 positions for this ratchet switch: The higher position is for pulling, the lower position is for releasing, the middle position is for both pulling and releasing but can only be used when unloaded. When the winch is loaded, hold the crank handle tightly if you want to change the switch position
  • 2. Before using, install the winch on a firm and flat surface. To install it, put the ratchet switch on the middle position and pull the cable out until the holes on the bottom of the base are visible. Then use at least 3 sets of 3/8'' bolts and locking nuts, in a triangle pattern, to fix the base on the surface. Use an extra metal or hardwood board when necessary.
  • 3. Then install the crank handle to axis bolt with nut.
  • 4.Put the ratchet switch on the higher position and turn the crank handle clockwise to pull. Put the ratchet swtich on the lower position and turn the crank handle counterclockwise to release.
Pulling capacity: 2500LBS/1136kg
Material: Steel
Synthetic strap: 5cm x 8m
Weight: 5kg


1 Year Warranty

Package Include

  • 1 x 2500LBS Hand Winch

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