Premium 220cm Kayak Oar Paddle- Black

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Premium 220cm Kayak Oar - Black

Kayak, stand-up board, inflatable raft or boat, our Aluminium Paddle is made for use with any of your seawater or freshwater-based passion. The paddle features a two-piece aluminum shaft with asymmetrical blades for right-hand indexing and offset right and left-hand blade adjustment. The paddle also includes a molded non-slip hand grip and rubber drip ring to prevent any backflow of water on the paddle and on your craft.

* Multi-use
* Heavy-duty aluminium and UV-resistant blades
* Lightweight
* Easy set-up
* Split shaft and double-ended adjustable asymmetric design
* 3 angle positions
* 60° right/left adjustments
* Moulded rubber non-slip hand grips
* Drip ring

* Colour: Black and alloy
* Material: Aluminium shaft,Reinforced PP blades, PP Grip
* Full length: 220cm
* Package dimensions: (L x W x H): 110cm x 18cm x 8cm
* Package weight: 1kg approx.

Package Content
1 x Paddle